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Scallops are found mostly in shallow water so the only thing you will need to bring is a mask, snorkel and fins! (we do have some gear just be sure to ask).  By fishing with one of our Captains, there is no need to purchase a fishing license. A half day charter scalloping trip (4 hours) is $350 and that will cover up to 4 to 6 people.  Additional hours are $25 per hour. Other options are available for young kids or smaller parties, so if you have any questions please contact us!

New at scalloping?  We will show you how, side-by-side with you in the water, until you’re comfortable and confident to sight and scoop up scallops on your own! It’s amazing how quickly you become accustomed to the equipment.
Blackwater Charter Fishing, Scalloping
The sea life is amazing, and the underwater search for the scallops is a true delight! Bring an underwater camera to take pictures. If you’ve scalloped before, you know the joy of the hunt, as well as the beauty to be enjoyed under the water’s surface.


  • scallop trips last about 5 hours
  • water temperature is around 80 to 90 degrees
  • we leave the dock at approximately 9 am, for better sunlight to see the scallops
  • scallop season is July 1-Sept 24
  • limits: 2 gallons per person, 10 gallons per boat (we must have 5 people on the boat to be able to keep 10 gallons)
  • Once you bring your scallops to the boat, the scallops often chatter and spew water, as if in protest. But once you’ve tasted the sweet meat of the scallop (some folks eat them raw on the boat!), you’ll understand why scalloping is a popular sport in Steinhatchee.


  • boat, fuel, ice
  • bottled water
  • fishing license
  • scallop collection bags

What you need to bring:

  • weather-appropriate clothing
  • rash guard or t-shirt while snorkeling (to avoid sunburn)
  • hat, cap or head cover
  • sunglasses (polarized lens enhance the view!)
  • sun screen (30 SPF+ is recommended)
  • food, beverage
  • required: mask, snorkel, fins or water shoes
  • camera (water proof is ideal)
  • towel
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